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If you are a PowerBI user, get the ChartAccent custom visuals here: Bar Chart, Line Chart


Created and annotated with ChartAccent

Annotating with ChartAccent

Create and modify an annotation in just three steps

(1) Select an annotation target

(2) Add additional annotation forms

(3) Modify the visual properties of the annotation


A corpus of 106 annotated charts from six news graphics desks, labeled with the dimensions of our design space.


ChartAccent: Annotation for Data-Driven Storytelling

Donghao Ren, Matthew Brehmer, Bongshin Lee, Tobias Höllerer, and Eun Kyoung Choe

(Accepted) Proceedings of IEEE Pacific Visualization (PacificVis 2017), 2017


Donghao Ren Matthew Brehmer Bongshin Lee Tobias Höllerer Eun Kyoung Choe